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Innovation, design and technology to wind up, keep and display four watches.

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Customization with digital signature, family crest or any etching is available. Any incision is laser made and back lighted making the VERTICALE model exclusive and inimitable. Base is made of precious wood while components are steel made and also available 24k gold plated.2 transparent plexiglas give to the watch winder a suspendid vision of each moving gear. The only one patented watch winder that allows a 360° view of your jewel. It suits any watch size thanks to its support made in harmonic steel and covered by soft pvc. A bidirectional engine moves the gears that cross the watches making a unique backdrope. App and remote controller make possible to set rotation speed, lights and automatic timer which are visible on the display. Certificate of authencity and serial number make your watch winder even more unique and exclusive.



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corporate video that show real made in italy. How we develop and create a watch winder showing production process


Infinite italy watch winder it’s not just an instrument to wind up your jewels, but it’s an innovative and unique design object that decorate and enhance your house or studio. A cherished instrument with your initial or emblem


the top of innovation in a completely automatic trunk. It winds up and enhance your house and studio with a unique desing.


We create a tailor made product around our client. We develop design, materials and exclusive features to follow his dreams. A video of the final object will be available.


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